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November 18, 2022-12:22 AM

What is the use of a QR code generator for businesses?

A QR code (quick response code) is a barcode that stores information that a QR code Scanner can read. Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone that has an inbuilt QR Scanner or QR Scanner application. Scanning the QR Code will bring the customers to the specific product page/website, social media account, or any specific URL selected by the creator of the QR code.

What is a Free QR code generator?

The QR code generator is a free online tool that helps users to generate QR for growing their business online.

What are the benefits of the QR code Generator?

Anyone can easily access QR codes with a click. Business owners can lead customers to their website or product pages and social media accounts by generating a QR code that will drive traffic and leads once scanned. One doesn’t have to manually tell URL addresses to users, which can be time-consuming and inconvenient. Simply scanning a QR code can provide all the information, which is hassle-free and saves time.

How to use the QR code generator?

Step 1. Add the desired link
Step 2.Click on the submit button
Step 3. Give the whats app number if you want to receive it on WhatsApp/download the QR code directly
Step 4. Share QR code with your clients and grow your business

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use QR codes to direct your customers to your website or any URL address.

It’s completely free to generate QR codes on Bikayi.

QR codes allow existing customers or potential customers to connect easily to your product or website by simply scanning the code. It’s hassle-free, and one can quickly recall information.
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