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November 18, 2022-12:22 AM

Why is it Important to Have a Good Business Name?

We are all here to achieve success. Fame and a popular name are complimentary. Right?But have you ever thought, what would happen if you didn’t have the right name for your business? A name can have a significant impact on the success of your business. A wrong one can take you down in communicating with the customer and lead to legal hurdles. Whereas the right name, that too a powerful one, can help you build your unique brand.

How to Name Your Business? And What Makes a Great Business Name?

  • Keep it short, simple, and sweet: Your business name should be easy to understand and remember.
    For example, good names for a food-based business could be - Yumixo, Savorably, etc.
  • Be original: Make sure that the business name that you choose is not in use by another business in the industry, as it might lead to serious legal trouble. To avoid this, run a proper research.
  • Be unique: Run market research and avoid words and elements similar to those of competitors in your business name.
  • Choose a meaningful name that conveys your message: Look for a name that conveys some meaning and aware your potential customers of what your business is all about.
    For example, good names for a beauty business could be - Glamora, Skin Theory, etc.
  • Assess the name and check for its availability: In this step, you have to combine all the above steps and see if your business name qualifies all of them. You can check for its availability by using different online tools.
    We can do it all for you! Wondering how? With Bikayi’s Free Business Name Generator, you can get several options to choose from.

What is a Business Name Generator? And Why Do You Need One?

When you plan to start a business, one of the most important steps is to look for that perfect name. And we know, finding the right name is not easy. It could get extremely tedious and frustrating. Some people give up and settle for something average. But we are not the average, are we? Bikayi’s Business Name Generator will help you find your perfect match, a name that is meaningful and deeply resonates with your business. You can explore through tons of names, especially curated based on your keyword search. Moreover, you can use Bikayi’s Business Name Generator by industry to narrow your choices down in just a few clicks.

Why is Bikayi’s Business Name Generator the Best?

You can find countless random business name generators online, most of which simply throw random names on your screen. These random business name generators make it more challenging to find the right name for your business and confuse you further. Our Free Business Name Generator is unique in terms of the AI used and the results provided. Our AI especially curates all the names shown to you based on your keyword search; thus, every name holds a sense of uniqueness and meaning to it. Our in-built AI works by processing the keywords you enter and the industry you select. It curates unique branded names and gives you a pool of options to choose from.

How to use the QR code generator?

Step 1. Enter keywords related to your business in the dialog box
Step 2. Click on the generate button
Step 3. Choose from the list of options on the screen

Frequently Asked Questions

To make sure your business name is catchy, look for short and simple names that are relevant to your business and are easy to spell and pronounce.

Start with knowing the WHY, that is the purpose of your business. Use this purpose to define your business model and pen down the potential names. Keep your customers in mind while looking for names, and make sure the name is easy for them to understand and remember.

Follow these steps - a. Know the purpose of your business b. Conduct market research to see how has the competition named itself c. Look for names that deeply resonate with your purpose. Use Bikayi’s Business Name Generator to find hundreds of meaningful business names in one click d. Narrow down a list of names you feel fit e. Run this list through different people and get feedback f. Assess the feedback and pin down the final name
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