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This is a utility tool that consists of a formula box that will help you calculate the actual price of your product or the numeral value of a discount in case of a percentage in a much simpler way.
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November 18, 2022-12:22 AM

' We are excited to announce the discount price of ' is probably the best promotional advertisement you would want to hear or see during the festive season, special days, and even weekends. However, it is a rarity that we are informed about the original value or the saving price of the discount during these offers. This article helps you with a Discount Calculator and its uses online for all the times you want to calculate an instant amount, need the comparison range of different values, or even bargain at the famous Sarojini Market in Delhi.

Types of Discounts

  • Buy One Get One Free: This is the most common discount offered at supermarkets, malls, stores, etc. This offer enables the customers to buy a regular product while taking another product free of cost, or at a lesser value. This ensures the business sells off the inventory stock products while the customers would increase their purchase.
  • Free Shipping: These types of discounts are given through online shopping products, which charges you a shipping fee for delivery to your doorstep. Amazon has a feature wherein you buy their prime membership and get their free delivery /shipping services in return. This ensures competition between businesses as consumers are most likely to buy from a place without shipping cost.
  • Percentage Sales:These are the discounts offered in percentage value on many occasions and with loyalty membership programs. For example - A men's polo T-shirt's price value could be Rs.300, and the discount could be 30% off. This could also be a seasonal offer during festivals or holidays. These percentage offers tend to increase purchases as 50% could sound more appealing than a promotional code attached with the regular price after discount.
  • Referral and Loyalty Discount: Businesses always bank on customer loyalty as they bring in the store's constant sales. These loyalty membership programs bring in the discount value, which keeps the customers on board and assures reliability. The loyal customers are given more importance by introducing referral discounts which provide a two-way benefit process. The new customers can enter the referral code and get a specific value discounted on their first purchase, while the loyalty program adds more points to their purchase.

What Is a Discount Value?

A discount is a reduction in the price of a product from its original value. The item is sold at a lesser price than the original while maintaining the same quality of the product. Discounts are given in percentages or fixed amounts. It is usually given as an advantage to customers to get their necessary products at a wholesale buyer rate and increase customer loyalty.The discount prices differ from seasonal products to regular products.

How to use Bikayi’s Discount Generator?

This is the simplest calculator for an online business to calculate its sales and discounts and the easiest way for customers to get an instant discount value. Bikayi discount calculator also ensures the most user-friendly method of calculating the discount price and the fixed amount. For example, the price of a men's polo t-shirt is INR 450, and the vendor has offered a 30% discount. We convert the discount to a decimal point and multiply it by the price shown to calculate the value.
Price- 450
Discount - 30%
Decimal conversion (30/100=0.3) - (450*0.3=135)- (450-135=315)

The t-shirt is on sale for INR 315 and you have saved INR 135 on it.

In case of having discount coupons and codes with no percentage, the discount calculator helps us calculate the rate of the discount on the same app without any hassle.
We often get discount prices on the products with original prices hidden or scratched, and in these cases, the calculators help us find the initial value and the amount we have saved on its purchase.

Step 1. You have to enter the product's price and drag the cursor to the percent of discount offered. As shown below, the price is INR 1000, and the discount is 10%.

Step 2. The Discount calculator shows the amount to be paid after subtracting the discount percentage. In this case, the amount payable after the 10% discount is INR 900, and the amount you have saved is INR 100.

What is Discount Calculator?

The Discount calculator comes into use when you have the discount code and the price, but you do not know the amount you are saving through the discount. This is a utility tool that consists of a formula box that will help you calculate the actual price of your product or the numeral value of a discount in case of a percentage in a much simpler way.

Advantages of Bikayi Discount Calculator Online

  • It helps you find the final price of your purchase with the discount amount.
  • The discount percentage, as well as the saved amount, are shown in an instant.
  • Calculate the discount featuring different amounts to negotiate on better offers.
  • The business owners can customise cash discounts by comparing various price ranges for similar products.
  • Compare prices for different categories using the same calculator without using manual maths.
These online discount calculators can save on a lot of time and money during online shopping, and you wouldn't have to hesitate on offers having various discounts but not being able to calculate them.
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